Tuesday, August 23, 2016


A 'friend' of Times restaurant critic, Giles Coren, has been in touch with The Daily Mail, explaining how BBC News boss (and former Times editor) James Harding came into the view finder of Jeremy Clarkson's mobile phone in a convivial way in the Mediterranean this week.

Apparently, Mr Coren and family are on a shore-based holiday somewhere in the Ionian Sea with Mr Harding, and it was Mr Coren who called up bad boy Jeremy, on his passing hired yacht, to arrange the get-together. The 'friend' tells the Mail ‘It was very unfair of Clarkson to act like a paparazzo and take a sneaky picture of James’.
  • Whilst the boys are growing stubble, recorded Giles is playing quizmaster on ITV's bizarre new show, 500 Questions, stripped across four days of primetime this week. The show was taped in Cologne, in front of a German audience (it was cheaper than moving the set to the UK). First responses in the Twittersphere liken the format to that of incomprehensible fictional gameshow Bamboozled in 'Friends', for which Joey auditions as host.

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