Sunday, August 21, 2016


It's good to know that when you're a polymath like Mark Thompson, you can be President and CEO of The New York Times Company, and still find time to rattle off a 350-page book on political rhetoric.

His successor as BBC DG, Lord Hall will be more than pleased to read a (paywalled) Sunday Times supplement interview with Mark plugging the new volume, in which he indicates that he might have tried harder to keep Jeremy Clarkson; he would have produced Chris Evans in a different way at Top Gear; and he feels his NYT's pay is justified - at around 16 times that afforded to Lord Hall.


  1. Ah, Mark Thompson. What a star we wasn't. I am reminded of the stunning piece of video included on in which he struggles to string a coherent sentence together: "The thinking was, errr, we, we, I, I took the decision to, ummm, with colleagues, erm, erm, and, errr, erm, after discussions with the, with the Chairman of the BBC Trust to, to do a review, ummm, because the BBC is, is the biggest journalastic organisation in this country, ummm, ummm, evidence had come to light, errr, of, ummm, this practice being used by other, ummm, errr, organisations, at least one other organisation, or individuals in that other organisation, and it, it seemed to me that, erm, that as part of the BBC's overall desire to assure the highest possible standards of its journalism it's appropriate to ask the question, errr, errr, errr, errr, is there any evidence, errr, errr, errr, that that, what, what, what we are told, errr, was happening at the News of The World has ever been done at the BBC.". Perhaps the BBC should get a new motto. How about "Nation, errr, shall speak, ummm, errr, peace, errr, unto, ummm, nation"?

  2. Mark Thompson, path! Don't start me orf...


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