Thursday, August 18, 2016

Agreed statements - not

Going in opposite directions: that's about the best you can say about BBC HR chief Valerie Hughes D'Aeth and her predecessor Lucy Adams. 

Val is increasingly getting the strength of 'process' around her. Each new task seems to require new dedicated staff - so many that it's hard to imagine what the 'business-as-usual' team are actually doing. Her man from the Post Office, Dale Haddon, has commissioned research to 'prove' that BBC hacks are overpaid. Dale is paid £190k a year. Val is paid more than the Chief Executive of the NHS. Val has been heard to cite experience from her former company, road and rail builders Amey as a useful indicator of what to do next. This is not a good strategy.

Meanwhile Lucy, who's been shedding faith in various processes she espoused at Auntie faster than a nematode worm, has found a few more she now doesn't like. First it was appraisals and all-staff emails; now she's not sure about bonuses, performance-related pay and a few more shibboleths.  

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