Monday, July 25, 2016

Southern timetable

Former BBC Sports Editor David Bond, now patrolling the media beat for the FT, had a mini-scoopette on Saturday.

His sources are saying Ofcom won't be ready to take over regulation from the BBC Trust at the end of the calendar year, and it looks more likely to happen at the start of the next financial year 2017/18. Part of this is because the incoming DCMS ministerial team have pushed back publication of the new draft charter to September - John Whittingdale had promised it before the summer recess. Some of the delay is because of continuing discussion of the make-up of the new unitary board. Some is because of disagreements about how many BBC Trust apparatchiks should be 'entitled' to a move to Ofcom - and until that's resolved Ofcom can't started wider recruitment for its special BBC wing.

In may ways, a handover at the end of a financial year is cleaner in reporting terms. Does a delay matter ?  It will irritate Lord Hall, who may be moving from frazzled to fatigued, if all the planned changes are moved three months into 2017. You can't really start a hunt for a new DG until the new board's in place...

  • Ofcom's Annual Report shows at least eight employees paid more than the Prime Minister; how many will be needed to mind the BBC ?

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