Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Oliver's twist

Will it go to press before unemployed Craig Oliver becomes Sir Craig ? Hodder & Stoughton say they'll be publishing his first book, Unleashing Demons: The Inside Story of the EU Referendum, in the autumn.

The former No 10 Director of Communications' agent is Sheila Crowley at Curtis Brown. The book is said to be based on detailed notes that tell the story of every key moment from the decision to call a referendum, to the subsequent civil war in the Conservative Party and the aftermath of the shock result.

Oliver was "in the room at every key moment during the EU referendum campaign", according to Hodder, "interacting with key players David Cameron, George Osborne, Jeremy Corbyn, Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and Theresa May, alongside international leaders Barack Obama and Angela Merkel." Many would like to know if he was hedging his bets about his own financial future in creating such detailed notes. Many more would like to know the extent of Craig's 'interaction'.

"So many people have asked me what really went on behind closed doors during the campaign. It was the most extraordinary, exciting, exhausting time for all of us. I believe that by telling the inside story I can help everyone understand better what happened and why."

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