Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Not marching on stomachs

Whilst BBC Executives are away in Tuscany, snapchatting each other on management structures, worker ants at Broadcasting House are to be deprived of in-house fried eggs and chips. The News Cafe, a grim grotto of microwave and pre-packed options with a little light deep-fat frying, is to close for refurbishment from 5th August.

Previous DG Mark Thompson struck at least two other planned eateries from the design of New Broadcasting House, saying the staff should get out, like him, and pick up lunch from the many sandwich bars down the streets towards Oxford Circus. That's all very well during the day, but in the long lonely night shifts, it's not an option. The News Cafe is where the staff who make 24 hour news a reality come together for counselling and sustenance, and they'll really miss it.

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