Monday, July 11, 2016

Liking it

Some mildly interesting movements in perceptions of nations/regions tv news offerings, in the latest Ofcom Annual Report on Public Service Broadcasting.

The numbers of people largely agreeing with the statement "Its regional news programmes provide a wide range of good quality news about my area" for the BBC in Scotland has moved up from 71% to 73%. Good, but not quite as good as for STV, which is up from 72% to a remarkable 85%.

In Northern Ireland, the BBC figure is down from 86% to 75% and the UTV/ITV down from 86% to 76%. In Wales, the figures are largely static for both licence-fee funded and commercial broadcasting, at 74% and 73% respectively.

  • For all the BBC's commitment to Arts & Classical Music, total hours on BBC1, BBC2 and BBC4 are down from 1660 in 2010, to 1326 in 2015.

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