Tuesday, July 19, 2016

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Regular readers of published BBC minutes will know they're so opaque that they lose all meaning. I puzzled over this one, which came from the BBC Trust back in May.

The Head of Editorial Standards... reported that the committee had approved the Executive’s request to continue the financing of domestic governance content on Global News by appropriate external funders, following a two-year trial period.

I've still no idea what "domestic governance content" may be. Now the BBC's World Service Group has advertised for a permanent Editor, Global Partnerships, a job which sits within BBC Global News Ltd, the commercial operators of BBC World News and bbc.com. (I hope you're keeping up). The pilot was led by Marek Pruszewicz, who's now left Auntie after 18 years in tv news.

The job is to get money to make filler programmes - from either philanthropic foundations or commercial sponsors. I am afraid it is these programmes which make the BBC World News channel an enormously frustrating watch, especially at weekends. It backs a weak editorial view that there is just not enough happening around the globe to keep on-the-day coverage going, even with 200 correspondents at your disposal.

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