Monday, July 18, 2016

Bonkers brilliant

Sarah Barnett, boss of BBC America, has been explaining her programming strategy, as the network makes a big push with the David Attenborough 2015 series, The Hunt....

Our parent brand, the BBC, has been known for producing such an extraordinary quality of work across so many different genres. So part of our focus when BBC America moved over to AMC Networks in the joint venture was for me and my programming guys to really look at what was working, what our audience was embracing… Certainly these landmark nature programs that were so crucial in building the Discovery brand in the past decade and now are part of the BBCA platform moving forward. Alongside that, it’s building off of the really crazy love that our audience has for “Doctor Who” and “Orphan Black,” and doubling down on trying to find more shows that are sort of bonkers brilliant, that don’t take themselves too seriously, that feel really unique.

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