Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Aithisg Bhliadhnail & Aithris nan Cunntasan

Warming up for the BBC Annual Report, I've been scanning the 2015/16 offering from MG Alba, the operators of the Gaelic service BBC Alba.

Whilst weekly reach amongst Gaelic speakers this year rose from 72% to 73%, it was as high as 75.3% in 2012/13. Average weekly reach across Scotland fell from 16.2% to 15%. (It was 17.2% in 2013/14). The Scotsman says the average weekly reach works out at 700k, but the actual report makes no claim on headcount. The company conducts its own audience research, at a cost of £100k a year.

Viewings of Alba content on iPlayer fell from 7.43m to 5.3m.

The station received £12.8m in funding from the Scottish Government, £1m from Mr Osborne and £8m from BBC licence-fee payers. £31.40 quid a head a year, at 700,000 weekly reach. £366 each a year for Gaelic speakers, estimating them at 60,000.

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