Sunday, June 26, 2016

Where next ?

In looking at former Beeboids who might be affected by the change of Tory leadership, I've been reminded of jovial giant Will Walden.

Will worked for the BBC for 12 years from 2000, moving through sport, Washington and Westminster. He was Andrew Marr's producer when the Scot was Political Editor; he was the News Editor at Millbank for six years, before Boris nabbed him to replace Guto Harri as his Mayoral Spokesman.

Boris officially left office as Mayor on May 5th; Will has yet to update his cv.

Spurs fan Will (Elizabeth College, Guernsey and Grey College, Durham) is married to BBC News hackette Daniela Relph, who spookily also moved through jobs in sport and Washington.  She's currently a News Correspondent, often drafted in to cover Royal stories.

Also waiting to update his CV is Matthew Pencharz, 'Former Deputy Mayor of London for Environment & Energy working on cities, urbanisation & sustainability'. Matthew (Haberdasher's, Woodhouse Finchley and Christ's College Cambridge) worked as a BBC politics producer from 2004, before joining Bojo's team as a political advisor in 2009. I suspect he's less likely to make a transition to No 10...

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