Thursday, June 9, 2016

Where next ?

Not much to learn from the latest minutes of the BBC Executive Board, meeting on 26th April, four weeks ahead of the Charter White Paper - save for the fact that the objectives for the year ahead now have a pre-amble with added "distinctiveness"...

We are here to provide distinctive, world-class content and services. This year, we will:

 Create an open BBC, working with partners 
 Deliver a more personal, more digital BBC 
 Make the BBC simpler and even more creative 
 Transform what we do for younger audiences 

The Board agreed metrics through which progress towards achieving them would be assessed.

The original version, approved by the Executive back in January, read thusly, and in this order...

 Deliver a more personal BBC 
 Build partnerships 
 Give creative talent room to grow 
 Make the BBC simpler and leaner

You probably don't need to say 'leaner' anymore, now George Osborne has cut 20% of BBC funding. Mind you, it took four months to edit the objectives in a shape that finally won approval from the Executive and the Trust. It ought to be simpler.

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