Saturday, June 4, 2016

On reflection...

Here's a re-phrased public purpose for the BBC, as suggested in the Whittingdale White Paper on Charter Renewal.

"Reflecting the UK, its culture and values to the world".

Here's news from BBC America, on forthcoming new programmes and series.

"Foreign Babes In Beijing"; a series adapted from the 2005 novel of the same name, in which an America PR woman gets a role in a Chinese daytime tv soap.

"Junk": 'a satirical look at the soda and junk food industry', written by Brit Dean Craig, produced by US children's doctor turned ER show runner Neal Baer.

"Zero Motivation", a comedy series about women members of the Israeli Army.

“Memoria,” a drama from Canadian writer Adam Barken and “Orphan Black” producer Temple Street Prods. Orphan Black series 4 is about to end on BBC America, with overnight audiences down over 40% on series 3, and no word yet on a recommission.

"Quatermass" - yay, British, from League of Gentlemen's Jeremy Dyson, working with Happy Valley producers, Red.

Sarah Barnett, President of BBC America tells Variety: “We spent a lot of time thinking about what the ‘A’ stood for in BBCA". If you tune in today from 2pm Eastern Time, you can watch seven back-to-back episodes of Star Trek: Next Generation, followed by a movie, The Rock (1996) 'A renegade general and his group of U.S. Marines take over Alcatraz and threaten San Francisco Bay with biological weapons.'   Sean Connery has a part.

Here's Sarah with the real man of the moment.

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