Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Relentless BBC-pursuer Miles Goslett has spotted that Alan Yentob has set up a company, "I Am Curious..Productions" - and shared the news on the News Corp-funded, Louise Mensch-run, website, Heat St.

The company application does not, yet, specify, the line of business to be undertaken, but one suspects that Alan is making a little nod to the 1967 Swedish 'new wave' film, I Am Curious (Yellow) which came out when Al was 20, and featured Lena Nyman in some rather explicit scenes, as well as myriad left-wing themes.

The company's address is, sadly, not Soho or Notting Hill, but the rather more mundane Unit 5 Elstree Gate, Elstree Way, Borehamwood.  Other companies using the address include LB Productions, which has the model Laura Bailey as a director. Laura's partner is film producer Eric Fellner, and the couple are friends and neighbours of the Yentobs in Notting Hill. Unit 5 is also home to Sopher & Co, accountants and tax planners, who have helped Alan prepare his bespoke one-share-only-at-£1 company application.  CEO Daniel is a full member of BAFTA, as are Alan and Eric.

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