Saturday, May 14, 2016

Way to go

Some FOI stats from BBC News: as at 31 March 2016, the BBC employed 7,511 staff in the BBC News division. The percentage of self-declared black, Asian or other minority ethnic staff is 17.4% - this is ahead of the BBC-wide 2020 target of 15%. However, when you remove staff employed in BBC World Service language sections and BBC Monitoring, the BAME population falls to 10.7%.

As at 31 March 2016, the BBC employed 239 managers in the BBC News division at Band 11 and above. (Please note, says Auntie, employees at Band 11 are not considered senior managers). By my calculations that's a senior-looking not-manager for every 31 staff. The BAME percentage is 10%, but if you take away the 26 working in World Service languages and BBC Monitoring, it falls to 5.9%.

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