Thursday, May 12, 2016


As we wait, a brief update on Whittingdale, J's donors.

Entrepreneur Rob Lewis, the driving force behind the Whittingdale-endorsed Electric Jukebox, gave £5,000 to the Culture Scretary's constituency office in Maldon last year. Rob was a co-founder of digital music specialists Omnifone in 2003. In April this year, he resigned as a company director. Earlier this month Omnifone went into administration, and 70 staff were laid off.  The Electric Jukebox is still available to pre-order, at £149 (£30 off). Q If I pre-order the Electric Jukebox, when will I receive it? A By pre-ordering an Electric Jukebox you will be one of the first worldwide to get this exciting device in the coming months.

Alexander Temerko, who worked for Boris Yeltsin and Yukos before ending up in the UK in 2004, says he has given close to £500,000 to the Tories since 2012. Last year, he donated £5,000 to the Whittingdale cause. He is deputy chairman of Offshore Group Newcastle, a yard in Wallsend with no current orders, but it has bids in for two Government-supported contracts. Mr Temerko wants Brexit, and Boris Johnson as Prime Minister. He is Ukrainian.

Sean Nutley has 27 active company director roles. He is CEO of Lumina Prime 8, which runs sub-companies with expertise in nuclear de-commissioning, abestos removal, classic car hire, a garage in Maldon, and underwater sculpture. His Essex Property Bureau, in Maldon High Street, was declared insolvent in 2010. Kitsons, part of Mr Nutley's asbestos-clearing empire, went into administration in 2013; Silverdell, the holding company then span into what Mr Nutley calls "un-intentional collapse".  Last year he found £2,000 to donate to Mr Whittingdale's Maldon HQ.

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