Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Rhodri Talfan Davies took up the role of Director BBC Cymru Wales in September 2011.

BBC Cymru Wales' weekly reach for television output in English was 1m in 2010/11; in 2014
/15, it had fallen to 900k.

BBC Cymru Wales' programming in Welsh for S4C reached 191k a week in 2010/11; in 2014/15, it was down to 131k.

Radio Wales' weekly reach was 468k in 2010/11. It was down to 418k in 2014/15; the most recent RAJAR puts it at 409k.

Radio Cymru's weekly reach was 150k in 2010/11; by 2014/15 it had fallen to 119k; the most recent RAJAR puts it at 108k.

Still, Rhodri's got them a nice new headquarters.

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