Sunday, May 15, 2016


In the new, simpler BBC, Lord Hall is proposing to create sub-committees of the new Unitary Board to oversee "dedicated services" to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

There's a promise of a drama commissioner for each as well, and Scotland will get a comedy commissioner, as well as becoming a factual 'centre of excellence'. Online, there'll be Scottish, Welsh and 'Norn Iron' front pages for News, the iPlayer and Sport. As if there wasn't enough counting already required by the White Paper, BBC commissioners will be set ‘portrayal’ objectives, 'so that all areas of network content reflect the lives of audiences across the whole of the UK'.

On the broadcast news front, James Harding is still late with his homework "We are in the middle of a comprehensive review of the right balance between the provision of pan-UK (network) news and dedicated news services in the Nations. We will complete this review in due course and share its conclusions with you."

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