Tuesday, May 3, 2016


The BBC seems to have shed 36 Senior Manager posts over a year. According to Lord Hall, there were 388 in March 2015; a Freedom of Information request shows 352 at the end of March 2016.

And, from the same FOI response, we can learn something about churn. In 2015 there were 298 Senior Managers who had health insurance paid for by the BBC, with 24 'other ranks' also in receipt of the benefit. In line with a decision way back in August 2011, no newly-appointed Senior Managers get doshed up this way. So, by March 2016, those with the legacy benefit stood at 237, and 115 new bosses stagger on without private healthcare on Auntie.

By the way, the target for Senior Managers, agreed with the BBC Trust, was to reduce to a total of 220, or around 1% of the workforce - by 2015. Oops.

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