Tuesday, May 17, 2016

In your cups

Odd that a Chancellor who is prepared to spend money on the BBC (via the Foreign Office) as soft power (whilst, of course, taking much more away) doesn't 'get' the recipe thing. Or maybe he's simply doing what Murdoch told him.

The BBC's licence fee-funded website's Food Section, and the Worldwide BBC Good Food do not feature even close to the current top 15 of English-language recipe websites in the States. There's no way UK newspapers can fill the gap. The British will once again be suborned to the American way, and we'll all have to learn about cups, sticks of butter, broiling, cilantro, legumes, rutabaga, snow peas and zucchini.


  1. That lost you've linked to is - how can I put this? - tremendous bollocks. Each of BBC Food and BBC Good Food is on its own bigger than all but four of those sites, measured by monthly audience.

    1. Maybe the BBC should have shared the stats. Maybe the headline should have been "Government shackles UK success story"


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