Wednesday, May 25, 2016


The BBC's John Simpson has been on Twitter for four months, and should surely have more than 600-odd followers. You would learn of his travels - China, Kenya, South Africa, Singapore, Australia, Syria and Russia - and countless dinners and speeches in his new home base, Oxford, where he is pleased to tweet that Alan Rusbridger is a neighbour.

John's website has been refreshed, and reminds us that "John Simpson CBE is an icon of British Television News, a household name in the United Kingdom. With his 50 years of experience in world affairs and international political journalism at the highest levels, he is the most recognized face in British television news broadcasting".

There are other lines, too. "SIMPSON ASSOCIATES: Corporate Consultants Simpson Associates is an advisory firm specializing in critical issues and corporate relations: a global resource led by John Simpson and drawing on an internationally renown knowledge base....Media relations is at the heart of what Simpson Associates does as a firm."  No sign of a client list.  I'm sure there's something on his BBC declaration of interests.

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