Wednesday, May 11, 2016


It looks like two days of hard pounding for the BBC Trust in their March meeting. They wrangled with impartiality, budgets, how to handle Whittingdale - and moaned again about mumbling actors.

Is it possible re-structuring has been pushed back yet further, following the slight deflation of the three-humped camel ?  Anne "Mrs Money" Bulford was quizzed about senior management numbers and pay. The minute notes "Progress would be presented in the Annual Report and Accounts [usually published mid-July]. The Executive would then return to the Trust in the autumn to present a proposed new set of targets in line with the revised organisational structure."

You'd have thought she might have brought some figures with her to Great Portland Street.

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  1. "and moaned again about mumbling actors" - wozzat about?

    Can't have been about yesterday at t'Palace...

    That cameraman has a great future on Happy Valley.


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