Thursday, May 5, 2016

Clean sweep

I was thinking of adding "and that just leaves Katie Taylor of the original four creatives chosen by Peter Salmon to start BBC Studios", to yesterday's post about the departure of Natalie Humphreys.

I turned my eyes momentarily from the information highway to a little light broadcast content - and lo, there was Katie gone, too. Dare I say anything about the Salmon-appointed Development boss, Dan Pattison ?

Katie (Francis Holland and School of Life) was to be in charge of Entertainment at Studios, but had blotted her copybook by not being quite in charge of the new Top Gear when asked to keep an eye on it. Then Matt Le Blanc burned rubber round the Cenotaph, and Katie was replaced as minder by one of her team, Clare Pizey.

Taste-maker Katie came to the BBC with Graham Norton, and has enjoyed Eurovision with him. She helped select Blue, Englebert Humperdinck and Bonnie Tyler for the contest - and could be found lurking on message boards opining about songs when perhaps she should have been doing more productive work. (A 2012 BBC sponsored course at the London Business School should have told her that.) Tumble and The Getaway Car are a couple of her more recent commissions.

Meanwhile, expect a few memos to be winging around BBC HR and Finance this morning, checking that Studios boss Mark Axeman Linsey hasn't yet spent all the restructuring money set aside for starting Studios. The first four will have cost a minimum total of £600,000.

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