Friday, May 6, 2016

Bottom line

Rufty-tufty BBC Studios boss Mark Linsey faced tough probing from BBC Studios talent Claudia Winkleman in an internal presentation to BBC Studios staff yesterday. He confirmed that the division would press ahead to become a commercial subsidiary in March 2017.

He claimed that the recent rush to the exit doors by four executives had different drivers - but it looks like the key question for any new show under the Mark Linsey regime will be "Can we make money on it ?".

Even under John Birt, BBC programme makers were shielded from total costing of their activities. Conference rooms, subsidised catering, phones, IT, unlimited photocopying and office space all came "free" - and still largely do. But, under fair trading and expected intense scrutiny from real 'super-indies', BBC Studios will have to pay real rents and more in the next financial year - and raise its own money for expensive investments, such as the current rebuild of the Eastenders set.

Someone will have to be there at ideas meetings, making sure there's a business case backing each new venture. There'll be no unnecessary spending on executives whose major skills are hand-holding talent, and booking taxis to take confidential calls and go home after parties.

Oh, and by the way, there won't be 2,000 employees.  

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