Thursday, May 19, 2016

Banged up

It's never a good idea to judge running orders from the outside. But I was puzzled by last night's 6pm and 10pm bulletins on BBC1.

Both led with dramatic footage from inside Wandsworth Prison, billed as 'exclusive', which you know I love. But at 10pm, it was made clear that the team had been invited to film by the new Governor, Ian Bickers, appointed last year. Reports earlier this week used video supplied by the prison. Last night, the BBC said it had been pushing the MoJ for access for weeks.

In February, Amelia Gentleman produced a lengthy report in The Guardian, which featured written versions of the same Wandsworth tales, about drugs, drones, vandalism and violence.  She told readers Justice Secretary Michael Gove had "granted the Guardian unprecedented access" for her two-day visit to Wandsworth in January.

And lo, last night, a benign Michael Gove, a former producer on Today, appeared to field questions from Lucy Manning, about how difficult and bad things were, and how he was taking decisive, bold action to put things right.

Another headline featured a report from Duncan Kennedy, flown to California to secure an entirely predictable 'no comment' from former Hillsborough match commander, David Duckenfield. Meanwhile, a negotiated settlement which might very well end the junior hospital doctors' dispute, rumbling on since 2012, was a down bulletin item, at both 6pm and 10pm.

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