Saturday, April 30, 2016


Well done to all for a new record global audience figure for the BBC - now claimed at 348m, up from last year's 308m. 28 million comes from BBC Worldwide's efforts beyond news, with the total figure now covering "the combined measured reach of international content, both news and entertainment"; that's up from 25 million last year, a rise of 12%.

The 'news' bit includes figures from BBC World Service, BBC World News, and BBC Media Action, and they're up 13%. Boss Fran Unsworth puts most of this down to new tv bulletins, streamed or online, in languages other than English. But, hearteningly, the BBC World Service in English is also up from 52m to 66m, up 15%, which ain't bad for the old dinosaur.

Overall, the BBC claims a weekly reach of 35m in the USA.  It would be interesting to know if this includes audiences for BBC America, fed a relentless diet of Star Trek and foul-mouth Gordon Ramsay. And one day, BBC World News, helping democratic deficits around the world, will reveal both audience figures and balance sheets for its efforts in the States...

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