Thursday, April 28, 2016

What's mine is yours

"And this autumn, we will launch a new personalised app that aims to ensure we bring you something brilliant from the BBC every time you open it up."

Thus spake jovial Phil Fearnley, leader of myBBC, in March last year. I can't find such an app on Google Play.

myBBC was on the agenda at the March 2016 meeting of the BBC Executive. The minute simply notes "This item provided an update on the progress made by myBBC and outlined what will be delivered in the final year of the programme."

There are currently eight vacancies tagged 'myBBC' on the BBC Careers website (there may be more internally). They are titled Senior Privacy Specialist, Senior Data Governance Specialist, Junior Data Governance Specialist, Junior Privacy Specialist, Senior Java Developer, Technical Project Manager, Data Analyst, and last, but perhaps not least, Business Analyst.  This may give a flavour of the issues facing Mr Fearnley.

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