Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Weight round the middle

I'm sure it's just done to distract me from my re-structuring grumpiness, but the BBC have finally updated news of Band 11 numbers and salaries.

From the last figures shared, in June 2013, when there were 734 on the grade, by June 2015, there were 802. The average salary has crept up only slightly over the two years, from £78,214 to £78,860.

And in 2013, 456 were paid above the roof of their grade; the latest figure is down to 415.  One new stat has emerged - the average salary of those above the roof of the grade is a tidy £92,239. Maybe next time someone should asked how many of this third tier of management are on more than £100k.

I'm hoping there's a misprint in the latest FOI release: they put the total wage bill for the 802 at £75, 341,189. Regular readers will know of my dubious maths skills. If the average salary for 802 staff is £78k, then the total ought to be closer to £62.5m, wouldn't you say ?

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