Sunday, April 10, 2016

We don't need no badges

The Guardian has an email sent by the BBC's Director of Strategy & Digital, James Purnell, last week.

“This week has seen the launch of the new BBC Design & Engineering division, led by Matthew Postgate. This means that Strategy & Digital as a division ceases to exist. We don’t yet have a new name for what remains of our division, as this is linked into a broader piece of work around the future organisation design of the BBC. I will update you on this as soon as I have more news.”

Presumably he knew who to sent it to...  Having a parent "division" used to be an essential part of finance in the BBC; it was how you got paid, raised charged codes etc. Finance directors for each division would spend most of April trying to off load costs that had crept in from others divisions as books closed ahead of the Annual Report.

Can James function outside a division ?  Does he know how much budget he's got for the year ahead ? Will his salary change to reflect his new diminished responsibilities ?  Stop laughing.

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  1. Finance & Operations is a separate division though, isn't it? I mean, Engineering isn't part of it anymore, so Strategy & Digital lost the Digital, and Finance & Operations lost the Operations, so I wonder what that leaves us with..


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