Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Ski Tuesday ?

I suppose I can take some mild diversion today in trying to discover what disrupted the BBC Executive Meeting on 9th February. DG Lord Hall sent apologies, as did Director of News James Harding, Mark Linsey (at that time billed as Deputy Director Television) and non-executive Sir Howard Stringer - they can't all have been on ski-ing holidays.

Dame Fiona Reynolds, senior non-exec, took the chair, and led those assembled on a toddle around next year's budget, and a chat about which buildings to sell off next.

A "proper" meeting followed on February 22nd. The minutes are slightly longer, but no less opaque. Reading between the lines, they discussed how to stop the Government appointing all non-executive directors; how to handle the Scottish Six; which bits of Online to stop; and how to make more money commercially.

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