Sunday, April 17, 2016

Rolling stone

Whilst of the rest of us engaged in heated debates about a single MP's right to a private love life, it seems that Geordie Greig at the Mail on Sunday just dusted off a file marked John 'Winker' Whittingdale and laid the contents over five pages of this weekend's edition.

According to former Indie hack James Cusick, Mr Greig assembled a team of hacks at the MoS in February 2014 to work on claims that John Whittingdale was involved with a dominatrix, but the story was dropped.

Elsewhere, Andrew Gilligan, Boris Johnson's cycling adviser and London Editor of the Sunday Telegraph, has a conspiracy theory about those who have worked hardest to expose L'Affaire Whittingdale, with suggestions of funding by a Chinese billionaire who believes the West is 'morally bankrupt.'

And The Sunday Times (paywalled) says the Culture Secretary is contemplating ordering the BBC to sell its £500m stake in UKTV and give around half back to the Treasury.

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