Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Just a guide

New figures from the BBC show one in ten staff is paid more than the published rate for the job. Stats for 16,513 staff graded at levels ranging from Band 2 to Band 10 for the year up to December 2015 have been released in response to a Freedom of Information enquiry.

Auntie explains that those paid above the 'roof' of their salary band are "long serving members of staff or those who possess a skillset that commands a higher market premium and those on buy out salaries."

"Buy out salaries are used where it is operationally more efficient to replace separate elements of pay (salary, unpredictability allowances, overtime and additional days payments) with an all-inclusive payment."

The 'roof' broken most often is the highest of these published grades - Band 10, where, across the BBC, a quarter of staff are off the scale. Your best chance of getting above the rate would be in either Finance & Operations (including the Executive Unit) where 28% of Band 10s bust through; Strategy & Digital (33%) and Television (41%).

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