Tuesday, April 26, 2016

In the papers

The Guardian understands that BBC DG Lord Hall met Chancellor George Osborne 'recently', 'in an attempt to head off government attempts to top-slice the licence fee.'

One side or the other to the meeting must be sharing this news, and if it's the BBC, it shows that relationships with John Whittingdale, Master of the DCMS, are at a low ebb. Why else would a timorous pupil go to the Deputy Head and ask for teacher to be reined in ? A little side bet on Ed Vaizey as next to don the full Cap and Gown of Fun and start throwing chalk around might repay investment.

Meanwhile, back at Broadcasting House, someone's told the Sun that Chris Evans has been shouting at Radio 2 staff. In a response that is not quite a denial, BBC boss Bob Shennan and Mark Linsey tell the paper: "Since taking on Top Gear alongside his Radio 2 breakfast show, Chris has displayed even greater commitment and professionalism." Did we need TWO big cheeses to tell us that ?

Elsewhere, and not yet in the papers, we head towards the creation of BBC Studios on Friday (and presumably the renaming of BBC Studios and Post Production, otherwise couriers might go to the wrong place). I'm expecting beacons to be lit across the UK, at the very least. And certainly in Wales.

  • Midday udpate: The BBC has shared more of the Shennan/Linsey statement with The Guardian “The assertion that Chris Evans’ behaviour at Radio 2 since beginning work at Top Gear has been in any way below BBC acceptable levels is completely untrue. The Sun, for its own reasons, continues on a weekly, sometimes daily basis to publish negative stories about Top Gear and unfounded nonsense about Chris, which is no longer worth any serious consideration or response. He remains a team player, a huge asset to the BBC and continues to show outstanding leadership in all he does on radio, television or for Children in Need.” 

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  1. The problem with Indies pitching for everything is many are now owned by the other side: http://www.theguardian.com/media/2016/apr/27/bbc-great-british-bake-off-as-rivals-circle

    Rather like some of our rail services returning profits to nationalised operators (abroad).


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