Thursday, April 28, 2016

Full hour

No sign of riots yet north of the border, as Scottish viewers of BBC1 have been denied The One Show since Monday. Reporting Scotland has been extended to an hour, to accommodate coverage of the election and interviews with party leaders.

The One Show does get an outing on Bank Holiday Monday, but otherwise, BBC McHacks are getting a feel of what it might be like to run a "Scottish Six", at least in terms of programme duration. The Herald says "We know pilot formats for a Scottish Six have been put together at Pacific Quay and rehearsals have taken place".

In January, Lord Hall told MSPs that changes to news provision would come in a wider review to be published in Spring. The Met Offices says that 'meteorological' Spring ends on May 31st, though 'astronomical' Spring ends on June 19th.

The question of whether or not BBC News can afford more coverage in the nations and regions will not, apparently, be answered until July, when Director of News James Harding, presumably on moneyminder Anne Bulford's naughty step for late delivery, says he's going to present the Executive with options and "costed recommendations for decision.

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