Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Difficult choices: 3

And finally, if the BBC is to curtail its online offering to please Osborne and Whittingdale, there's not much sign of it in the newly-published service budgets...

                                                    2015/2016     2016/17
Online/Red Button total             £151.3m         £187.3m
Radio & Music                           £17.0m           £14.2m
Knowledge/Learning                  £19.6m           £19.5m
iPlayer & TV                              £16.3m           £14.6m
Childrens                                    £10.6m           £13m
News, Travel, Weather               £45.5m           £53,1m
Sport                                           £15.9m           £18,0m

BBC3 gets £34.2m, which explains some of the increase. If you add up the divisions, you'll find that £20,7m is missing - that's the spend on the central homepage and support.

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