Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Difficult choices: 2

And here are the television winners and losers in terms of "service budget"...

                         2015/16            2016/7
BBC1               £1,111.2m        £1,174.4m
BBC2               £425.5m           £406.1m
BBC4               £46.0m             £48.7m
CBBC              £69.9m             £68.7m
CBeebies          £28.1m            £28.3m

(Looks like BBC2 Controller Kim Shillinglaw got out just in time, while BBC1 gets an extra £63.2m)

News Channel  £47.5m            £46.6m
Parliament        £1.9m              £1.7m

The BBC's contribution to Alba, the Gaelic tv service, is unchanged at £5.7m

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