Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Difficult choices: 1

Thanks to the BBC Trust's service licences, I can bring news of winners and losers in the year ahead, in terms of 'service budget'.

First radio.
                              2015/2016     2016/7
Radio 1                  £38.9m          £34.7m
Radio 1Xtra           £4.8m            £6.5m
Radio 2                  £46.8m          £49.6m
Radio 3                  £40.6m          £38.4m
Radio 4                  £88.2m          £90.2m
Radio 4 Extra         £3.2m            £3.3m
Radio 5 Live          £45.3m          £46.1m
5 Live Sports Extra £2.5m           £2.6m
Radio 6Music         £8.0m           £10.8m

With The Asian Network unchanged, King of Country Bob Shennan, with Radio 2 and 6Music, is a winner, with £5.6m extra at his disposal. New Boy Alan Davey at Radio 3 is £2.2m down. Ben Cooper, at Radio 1 and 1Xtra, is down £2.5m.

BBC Local Radio   £122.2m       £115.1m
Radio Scotland         £21.9m         £21.7m
Nan Gaidheal             £3.9m           £3.8m
Radio Wales             £15.7m         £14.0m
Radio Cymru            £14.1m         £13.7m
Radio Ulster/Foyle   £17.4m         £16.9m

Overall, despite all the noises about 'outside London', radio outside London loses £10m.

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