Sunday, April 24, 2016

Behind you

You have to assume the Mail on Sunday has some form of animus against babe-magnet and Culture Secretary John Whittingdale. This week Geordie Greig's three-strong team have found a blonde Lithuanian glass blower from Surrey as one of John's dinner dates; they've upped the ante on his relationship with Natalia Lokhanova from "intimate" to "young lover", claiming he helped get her a job; and they've reminded us that Mr Whittingdale is a "rent-swopper", with a house in Maldon and two flats in London.

The Sunday Times has found that Mr Whittingdale accepted a declared donation of £5,000 from businessman Rob Lewis, who is behind the Whittingdale-endorsed Electronic Jukebox. No-one has yet made much of another £5,000 donation, from Ukraine-born, now British citizen, Alexander Temerko, who wants us to arm Ukraine - but then that's peanuts compared with what Temerko has given to the Tories in general and Brexiteers in particularly.

Where next ? Boxing ?

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