Friday, April 29, 2016


Congratulations to Debbie Ramsay, new Editor of the BBC's Newsbeat team, providing multi-media services to the nation's yoof. She's been acting in the role for over six months, while previous incumbent Louisa Compton nurses the Victoria Derbyshire programme on the News Channel and BBC2. Debbie is a graduate of the University of Central Lancashire, and worked at Capital before joining Auntie in 2006.

Meanwhile at Today there's apparently joyous flouting of the 'external recruitment freeze' agreed with the unions, in the appointment of Dominic O'Connell (BA and Diploma in Journalism, University of Canterbury, NZ), from the Sunday Times, to cover the business beat in the wake of the elevation of Simon Jack. Remind me, how many staff are there in the BBC's Business and Economics Unit ? None of them good enough ?

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