Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Simplicity is just weeks away...

Mark Linsey is, as we exhorted here eleven days ago, to be the new Director of BBC Studios.

In Notes to Editors, we are advised thus: Given the BBC’s efficiency programme, Mark’s salary will be lower than the previous salary for Director of BBC Studios.

Dapper predecessor Peter Salmon is still lurking at BH, apparently until May, on a package of £387,900, where many other organisations would have provided him with a blackbin bag, and told him to head off quick to his garden, or Endemol Shine, whichever is nearer.

Mark is currently on £292,800, so has headroom for a rise, perhaps handed out with the advice that he pays for a few more taxis himself.

Charlotte Moore, whose career moves seem to shadow Mark, gets a consolation prize: "Charlotte Moore will be responsible for BBC television pending the announcement in the next few weeks of a new structure to simplify the BBC." Let's hope they let her attend at least one Executive Board.

Now, your local international blogger sits back and prays for a Director of Content, and none of this McKinsey funny stuff...

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