Friday, March 11, 2016

Palpable hit

I'm breathless with anticipation. Can't Touch This, breaking new boundaries in game shows, hits BBC1 on Saturday 26th March. (What's happened to The Getaway Car - 12 episodes made, 5 shown ?)

To whip up the frenzy further, the new show's publicists have supplied hacks with a ready-transcribed interview with hosts Zoe Ball and Ashley Banjo. Here's a sample.

Q There are a number of epic fails in the show. What were some of your favourite ones? 

Zoe: There’s a guy who doesn’t make it out of the foam pit, and he gets stuck in the foam pit and then his pants come off! He’s so gorgeous and it was hilarious! I think that was the most pain I’ve ever been in from laughing. It was just so, so funny! Those ones I love. 

Ashley: I think mine was the noises. I think if you just listen to some of the noises that people make...they’re not human, you know, they would make noises that I don’t think they knew they were capable of.

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