Thursday, March 31, 2016

Mood enhancer

Should anyone apply to be the new Internal Communications and Engagement supremo for BBC News, they have a job on their hands.

There is a pulse still ticking through the core body of Network News (which excludes English Regions and World Service) but it's feeble, and not getting much stronger. In the latest "Pulse" survey of the mood of the BBC permanent employees, taken in November, just 24% of Network News staff who responded found it in their hearts to agree with the statement "I have confidence in the decisions made by the BBC Executive Team and my Divisional Leadership Team". That's unchanged from the figure in 2014.

Across the BBC as a whole, the 'confidence in leadership' figure has improved from 42% to 43% (though there is a plus or minus 1% margin of error). Ipsos, who carry out this malarkey for a range of employers, say the UK average score for this question is 55%.

Dashing polymath and radio presenter James Harding, who has lead News since August 2013, is supposed to come forward with a route map to saving £80m a year shortly.

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