Wednesday, March 16, 2016


It's all a bit full on at the BBC as we head to the end of the financial year.

  • The building campaign against a new unitary board largely appointed by the Government is taking Lord Hall's time, but he has secured both Guardian and FT editorials to try to put the frighteners on Whittingdale, and Dimbleby Junior has been deployed. 
  • All-New-But-Strangely-Familiar Top Gear remains a distraction. The BBC seems reluctant to say who exactly is in charge of this rattling train. With a first run already shortened from eight editions to six, the surprising thing is how few public sightings of filming have been made. Each edition will need at least three "stories" - we know about the Cenotaph and Chris Evans being sick, but there ought to be many more.  
  • Project Mango, launched in July last year, to extract juice from a merger of three separate technology teams, is firming up. The unions have a map of which of the posts go where, but are waiting to find out how many Men Go (geddit ?). Some 3,000 jobs are in the mix.
  • Project Simplify and Get Rid of More Senior Managers is bubbling up; lower ranks believe their various directors are vying for survival, rather than coming together to make the big cuts needed. New Baronies for Old Baronies ?
  • The Scottish Six pilots can't be kept quiet for long; The Trust discussed the issue in January, bootlessly. Imagine if a unitary board asked to see them.... 

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