Monday, March 21, 2016

Bad show

The latest blogpost from Martin Kelner seems to indicate that BBC Local Radio is not a learning animal.

Martin, 66, from Wakefield, has worked for Radio Leeds off and on since 1990. New manager Sanjiv Buttoo, 49, from Halifax, arrived this year, and, according to Mr Kelner, sacked him in a five minute conversation on Friday, and told him not to come back.  As Martin says, he's been sacked before, but it's hard to believe Sanjiv wasn't advised a little on the HR and PR consequences of the way this was handled.

Perhaps today, Sanjiv will make his case. He has some experience of PR - his Wikipedia entry, deemed not to meet the encyclopedia's notability guidelines, is largely constructed by user Sanjiv67.

Radio Leeds has lost 70,000 listeners since 2010, and is down to a weekly reach of 210,000; Martin believes recent RAJAR returns show his lunchtime programme outstripping the breakfast output. Nick Ahad is in his slot from this week. Martin has wished him well.
  • 1150 am. A sneaky peek at Martin's RAJAR figures shows a poor last quarter, but not yet a trend; generally he's way below breakfast, which is the way most radio stations drift. But the show suffered when he was away for cancer treatment in 2013 and 2014, and had some very good quarters in 2015. In the end, this is not about whether or not he deserved the chop, but the manner of its delivery.
  • 1215 update: Previous Leeds boss Rozina Breen has made use of the broken heart emoji at the news of Kelner's departure. And has been campaigning to get him an award. 

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