Monday, February 1, 2016

Winter warmer

Yet another audience record for Countryfile. Last night's Winter Special was watched by an average of 8.13m (a 37.4% share of the available audience), with a peak of 8.87m around the long weather forecast.

Poor old Beowulf suffered again on ITV - down to 1.49m - 6.9% share. 13 episodes at an estimated total cost of £17m are not getting the hoped-for returns. Could it be curtains for ITV drama boss Steve "Gone By" November ?

He'll have been buoyed by the return of Blenda Bethyn as Vera (5.45m). It split viewer loyalties, pitched against the might of Call the Midwife (7.6m) and War and Peace (5.18m). One suspects all three will do quite well on catch-up.

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