Saturday, February 13, 2016


"Leon Wilde is the Editor for Format Entertainment; he runs a team of creatives, driving relentlessly at the Entertainment slots across all BBC schedules."

And this year he's bringing us "Too Much TV", stripped Monday to Friday at 6.30pm across BBC2, now-Kim-Shillinglaw-is-gone. This cheap and probably relentlessly cheerful offering is another example of television eating itself - "A show for TV lovers, made by TV lovers, Too Much TV is for those wanting to hear all about the unmissable TV from that week."

Whilst at Shine TV,  Leon was part of the team that brought BBC1 a season of "As Seen On TV" in 2009, the inheritor of the weighty mantle of Telly Addicts, 1989-1995.

Leon's last format was the unlamented Tumble, which ran for six episodes in 2014. This foray is set for 30.

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