Monday, February 1, 2016

Self taught

This Wednesday's Inside Story on BBC1 reports on the last days of Kids Company. From weekend previews, it looks like we'll see quite a bit of Laurence Guinness, 49, who was the charity's Director of Communications, Campaigns and Research from 2009. He's been called the organisation's PR boss, though there was no specific PR budget.

This is how he describes his role: "I manage a developmental neuropsychological research programme and devise and implement multi channel campaigns to raise awareness of and funds for issues affecting vulnerable children."

Laurence's cv says his education was "auto-didactic". His first job was with Island Records in 1988, working with reggae groups like Aswad. In 1991, he went to the London premiere of Japanese cyber-punk carton Akira at the ICA and saw a new future. He persuade Island to buy the film for video release; the success led to Island starting Manga Productions, and Laurence was in charge of buying dubbing anime productions with English dialogue.

He left in 2005, setting up Krakatoa Film Productions from his Putney flat. Now his CV says he's a social capitalist looking for the next big challenge. He's picked two months work with Holly Branson's Big Change charity. Let's see how things look after Wednesday's show.

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