Thursday, February 4, 2016

Just get on with it

I like the tone of the letter below (click to go large), from BBC Trust chair Rona Fairhead to Culture Secretary John Whittingdale.

It follows the revelation that Whitters isn't happy with his public consultation on Charter Renewal. He got 190,000 submissions, but after applying 25 extra staff to the read through, totalling 10,000 man hours of work, he reckoned 177,000 were pretty much the same, generated from the petition website 38 Degrees, and therefore in someway faulty. How he's allowed to take this view isn't clear - how it took so many so long realise the similarities is a real mystery.

I make no particular claim for these words. LEAVE THE BBC ALONE. If you have a twitter account, you might like to tweet them to @JWhittingdale. See how he likes them apples.

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