Thursday, February 11, 2016


The current BBC management - at both Trust and Executive level - has singularly failed to make friends with Jesse Norman, chair of the Culture Select Committee.

This new bunch of MPs waste little time with the nice stuff about great programmes in their first report on Charter Renewal, before laying into the way things are run at Auntie now, over 54 pages of forthright prose, ending with 48 recommendations.

The report all but calls Trustees and the Executive spineless in accepting George Osborne's hospital pass of funding over-75s licence fees from the license. The report all but says the BBC's commercial activities are misguided and carried on in corners. It accuses BBC World News of 'mission creep' and wants more, not less transparency on salaries, strategies and deals struck by BBC Worldwide and the emerging BBC Studios Ltd.

The MPs like the idea of a unitary board, but also want an 'accountability body' somewhere behind Ofcom's front door. They want the review process extended, and promise to take evidence in Scotland, which should be a hoot.

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