Thursday, February 4, 2016


No big movers in the network radio listening figures this quarter. The Radio 2 behemoth sails on, picking up 1 in 6 of every hour of live radio tuned in to across the UK.

Urban pioneer Radio 1Xtra is off the top, down from 1.1m this quarter last year, to 982k weekly reach now. This could have something to do with Global's "me too" offering, Capital Xtra, putting on 517k listeners. Radio X, spearheaded by straight-line-walking Chris Moyles, has disappointed some industry watchers who expected more. Overall, the station reaches 1.2m, but within that, Moyles has driven off some XFM fans. Nonetheless I suspect he'll be pleased with 671k for his show. Steve Lamacq, on Radio 6Music, hit a new record of 1.08m for his weekday drivetime offering.

At Radio 1, things are much the same, but the average age of the audience seems immutable, and the reach amongst 15-24 year-olds is at a low ebb. Commercial radio reaches 72% of that age group; the BBC's radio portfolio picks up 57%.

As we head to the launch of a score of new DAB services, TalkSport2 will note good sustained figures for Radio 5Live Sports Extra, up 88% year on year. LBC nationally is up a healthy 8.4%. In London, there's an 93% year-on-year rise for their rolling news service, to a weekly reach of 489k - challenging Radio London's 525k, itself up 8.7%.

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